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ghost town pictures of Bodie the Methodist Church

Ghost town pictures of Bodie California

The California gold rush town of Bodie is a treasure trove of abandoned buildings and a photographers dream location.

Art and Illustration
Los Angeles Street Art

Inspired by Los Angeles Street Art

Inspiration can strike anywhere and for me Los Angeles street art is the place.

Tools of the Trade
10 Google Font Combinations part one with design by Joseph Kiely

10 of The Best Google Font Combinations For Your Website

10 google font combinations with sample designs.

Tools of the Trade
Illustration of The Royal Cenotaphs in India made with Adobe Illustrator Draw by Joseph Kiely

What I learned from my first Adobe Illustrator Draw project

Learn how I built an entire drawing in Adobe Illustrator Draw.

Urban Light installation viewed from below at dusk - at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

A day at the Museum with my new Sony Alpha Camera

A visit to the Los Angeles County Museum with my new Sony Alpha Camera.

Travel & Culture
The statue of liberty painted with a skull face on the former United States embassy in Iran

An American in Iran: The Misconceptions and Realities

My point of view as an American in Iran a country rich with culture, propaganda and religious fervor.