As a creative director for Viewpoint Creative I worked with the talented team at HBO building a brand that is recognized around the world for quality, excellence and a premium experience.
HBO Broadcast Branding
The partnership culminated in a global HBO broadcast branding project that was essential in it’s simplicity and implementation. It used the premium content as the backdrop for elegant typography that guided the viewer through the brand experience. The focus was then, and continues to be on the content – the HBO broadcast branding vision remains true to that today.
Featured Movie Teases
Over the years the body of work for HBO covered a variety of initiatives from image spots to movie promotion and social engagement. This included promotion for the first run cable movies like Dark Night, Avatar and more.

Dark Night HBO Teases
Avatar HBO Teases
HBO Image Spots
Throughout the year HBO wanted to remind it’s viewers about the value of the subscription service, this was achieved through Image campaign spots. They covered everything from original series through to boxing and movie features. The motion graphics punctuated key copy points while integrating seamlessly into the content.

HBO Winter Movies Image
Year Ender Image Spot
The brand has continued to build on this foundation – recently releasing the new pay app HBO NOW that is starting a revolution in television streaming and pay-per-view view offerings. At it’s core is still the same principle of the HBO Broadcast Branding initiative.

Content is king no matter how or where you consume it.

MY ROLE: Creative Direction for Design

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