Second Wives Club Show Open Design Concept

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Fashion
I designed the concept pitch for the "Second Wives Club" at Stun Creative / Buster Design. The goal was to deliver a range of high style concepts that featured the women of the show in their luxurious lifestyle. I mixed screen grabs with fashion photography reference to help guide the look and feel of the live action shoot for the open.

Art direction reference image | Riccardo Vimercati  | Website
Design Concept _ Editorial
A contemporary color palette frames the stars of the show in this editorial inspired design.

Art direction reference image
Logo Exploration
I developed a variety of typography based logos that were inspired by fashion monograms.
The graphic facets of a diamond gem reflect and refract the opulent life of the Second Wives.

Each letter of the logo creates a graphic window into the Second Wives world. Flowing fabric wraps the women, their lifestyle and the typography of the show open.

MY ROLE: Design & Art Direction
CLIENT: E! Entertainment Television / NBC Universal

Art direction reference image | © Nicolas Ruel | Website

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