Social Marketing Website Design for Occupi Digital

Graphic Design, Web Design
The marketing website design for Occupi Digital uses a single page layout with liquid as the key design component. This design motif was a logical fit for it’s premium liquor clients. With high-end brands like Courvoisier and Jameson the website had to evoke class and quality while still having a sense of personality. The website design incorporated fun tips, staff pictures, a unique floating menu and modern contact forms.

The websites color & typography
A luxurious color scheme was inspired by the rich amber colors of the premium liquor brands. A bright punch of color was added for emphasis and strong callouts. A thin slab serif hints at the digital expertise while a simple sans-serif delivers clear and concise information.

Brand Colors
The marketing website design builds on the premium liquor experience. From the website to mobile devices it delivers the marketing story in an immersive and engaging way.

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